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How to use Quickbooks for Keeping a Track of your Inventory?

Keeping a track of your inventory, be it on a large scale or small scale, has been a troublesome task from the ancient times. But in the modern world when you have QuickBooks, you don’t need to worry much about it as it handles your entire inventory in the simplest way. You just need to learn how to use it for inventory. The article below explains how to use it.

  • Launch your QuickBooks program and login using your credentials.
  • On the home screen choose the option of edit in the menu bar.
  • Select the option of Preferences from the drop down menu.
  • Click on items and inventory in the left pane of the window.
  • Open the tab named Company preferences.
  • Click on the option named Inventory and purchase orders are active.
  • Click on OK and then select the List from the menu bar.
  • Choose Item List from the drop down menu.
  • Select the option Item that is on the bottom left corner.
  • Choose New to add any new record of inventory.
  • Select the option Inventory Part and then type in the details requested by it.
  • Enter all the information for all your inventory parts.
  • Press OK and go to Vendors in the menu bar.
  • Select Vendor centre and then New Transactions.
  • Choose the option named Receive Items to list all those item for which you have paid in advanced or choose Receive items and Enter bill for those items for which the payment is not done yet.
  • Enter the details that are asked and press on Save and close if you are done. Else, press on Save and New if you want to add more items.

So this is how you can keep a track of your items purchased and their details in Quickbooks. If you are not able to do this properly and are facing issues in the form of errors, then contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number UK +44-2080-890422 for quick solutions and answers.